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Randeep Dosanjh - Consultant
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Service Overview:

Clickstream Consulting Inc (BC, Canada) is a successful a SharePoint, .NET, Business Intelligence and Technology Management consulting/contracting practice. We want you to benefit from maximizing B2B, B2P , B2C and other relationships which bring value to you. Clickstream provides help from resources ranging from technology professionals, technology management professionals and through partner support channels. Some additional resources we bring to the table to serve you better are being a consulting resource as a Microsoft Partner, an IBM Business Partner, a Lenovo Business Partner Partner, an Oracle Network Business Partner.

Product & Service Overview
  • - Microsoft Business Solutions Partner
  • - Microsoft Software Sales Partner
  • - IBM Business Analytics Partner
  • - IBM Business Partner - Sales
  • - Oracle Corp Business Partner - Sales and Solutions
  • - Lenovo Business Partner - Sales and Distribution
  • - Hostway Channel Partner
  • - TekLynx - LabelView - Sales and Solutions Partner

    Service Overview
    Clickstream Consulting staffing solutions offers traditional solutions but we also provide access to for our clients to have access to management consultants as well as training and educational supplements for your current staff. If we can't provide educational supplements and trainers for your needs, our consultants will do the leg work with you to see what would be needed here. We offer Management, Educational and Training consulting, Organizational Behaviour streamlining.
    Microsoft Network Partner

    As we manage your technology business requirements, acquire the tools you need to make it more profitable and gain access to resources directly through Randeep Dosanjh. Microsoft partners get productivity and developer software, training, marketing plans, and support to help them grow their businesses. Discover how partners can take advantage of benefits that help them maximize their relationship with Microsoft. 

    Microsoft Solution Provider (AP)

    This Microsoft Action Pack provides tailored training guidance based on partner business model (development, solutions, services, devices) through learning Paths, which are linked to exams and actual training courses. Exams and training courses require partners to pay a separate fee. Exams are not mandated for partners to purchase or renew their Action Pack subscription. Action Pack Provider equipped with the following benefits for your business: Internal Use Rights cloud services and on-premises software benefits, including both on-premises and cloud products and services. Technical support, with access to telephone support for presales, technical, and deployment issues related to Microsoft cloud services. Training guidance, such as learning paths with a curriculum of more than 2,000 training courses about selling, configuring, and implementing Microsoft products and services. Visual Studio Professional subscriptions Campaigns, through access to Partner Marketing Center materials for Microsoft products and services. Can I be both an Action Pack partner and a Competency partner at the same time? ... No?. Club Intrawest is the member services divion on Intrawest. There are 3 offices in Vancouver where 2 are located downtown and 1 in North Vancouver.


    IBM Business Partner

    As IBM Business Partner, Clicksteam Consulting Inc and I have an IBM Business Partner relationship which supports me when consulting or contracting with my clients who may or may not Business Analytics tools. It has given me the chance to work with the IBM as a resource on demand using my knowledge in the support and development of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and other software to clients who can and should benefit from these. Another responsibility here is to provide licensing as well or start the sales procedure for IBM products.


    Oracle ReMarketer Business Partner

    As an Oracle Sales Consulant, Clicksteam Consulting Inc and I have the responsiblity to provide Oracle Business Solutions for clients when consulting. If the client needs Oracle software, this partner relationship can close those sales. Another responsibility here is to provide licensing as well.
    Products we offer Sale:

  • -Oracle Database Appliance
  • -Oracle Database Standard Edition One
  • -Oracle Database Standard Edition
  • -Oracle Database Personal Edition
  • -Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One
  • -Oracle Application Server Standard Edition
  • -Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One
  • -Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition
  • -WebCenter Capture
  • -Oracle Internet Developer Suite
  • -† MySQL Standard Edition Subscription
  • -† MySQL Enterprise Edition Subscription
  • -† AutoVue Office
  • -† AutoVue 2D Professional
  • -† AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced
  • -† AutoVue EDA Professional
  • -† AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional
  • -† Oracle Crystal Ball
  • -† Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer
  • -† Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management
  • -† Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom Faculty Edition
  • Oracle Support Offerings: --------------------------------- -† Oracle Linux Support (PDF) -† Oracle VM Support MySQL Perpetual Licenses ----------------------------------- -† MySQL Standard Edition Perpetual * -† MySQL Enterprise Edition Perpetual *

    Hostway Corp Hosting Solution Business Partner

    Clickstream Consulting Inc is a Channel Partner of Hostway Corporation Managed Hosting Solutions for web servers and business solutions. Hostway provides enterprise hosting solutions with innovative, easy-to-use products that enable you to compete in a global, technology-driven economy. We leverage automated solutions and best of breed technology to provide flexibility, control, security, and scalability with excellent customer service and live 24-hour technical support. Your Business Development Consultant (BDC), Account Manager, Sales Engineers, and Support Teams will collaborate with you to map out the optimal solution for your business. As your business grows and your needs evolve Hostway will ensure your hosted solution meets your business needs with a personal, consultative approach. Hostway, one of the largest hosting companies in the world, is here to provide the advanced technology, infrastructure, and know-how to help you meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving business.