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Randeep Dosanjh - Consultant  

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For the first 9 years of my work life, from the age of 15, my work with firms in Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Retail, Marketing and Sales were just the preliminary to the success I enjoyed after. For the last 12+ years, my career as a Management and Technology professional has spanned 6 business sectors, spanning projects in more than 5 Fortune 500 firms, 1 Government Utilities firm and 5+ years with a European Union regulated firm which was the largest of its kind in the world. I hope to bring value to your team. The sectors I have worked in are Manufacturing and Distribution, Time-Share and Real Estate, video gaming, financial and banking as well as Research and Development. This independent consulting practice is in addition to founding 3 of my own firms which include a full life cycle Inside Sales and Distribution channels business, a Recruitment firm for a short time as well as a number of Angel Investment projects which further lead to a consulting practice outside my regular work within enterprise blue chip firms. My responsibilities when engaged with clients can range from working with account executives to build solutions, participate in client facing meetings to determine business and technical requirements to be used in developing solutions or solution alternatives which map within the client’s capabilities. I bring an understanding of business development and management, information technology, market research and technical analysis. While working with expertise in software engineering roles, business workflow engineering, business intelligence and any other services, with my consulting practice there is always value added results to business.

Currently, I am open to exploring a variety of work within and outside my career scope of the last 12 years. Here is a time of significant events over my career work life. I hope to bring Value to your team.

Highlights Timeline:

  • 1993 – 2004 – Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Distribution floor level worker
  • 2004-2008 – Independent Technology Contractor
  • 2007 – Became an Alumni of Kwantlen Polytechnic University Computer Information Systems
  • 2008 – By the time I was 30 I had completed projects in some 5+ Fortune500 firms
  • 2008-2010 – Established a Group to start businesses under
  • 2010-current – Established an Incorporated Contractor and Consultancy Practice from an Independent one under the name Clickstream Consulting Inc©
  • 2011-current – Became a Microsoft Network Partner / Listed in the Microsoft Pinpoint Directory & IBM Business Partner Directory
  • 2011-current – Established as a Microsoft Financing & Licensing Partner
  • 2012-current – Established Clickstream Consulting Inc© as Enterprise Re-Seller Sales and Solution Channels in a Business Partner Capacity with Oracle, Lenovo, HootSuite, SalesForce.com as well with Microsoft and IBM
  • 2011/2012, 2015/2016 – Licensed a Recruitment and Placement operations in BC
  • 2012-current – Actively coaching several young professionals in career gains
  • 2014-current – Established a published presence as a business & politics writer on LinkedIn.com, BuzzFeed.com and Issuu.com
  • 2016-current - Listed on Bloomberg.com