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Randeep Dosanjh - Consultant
Volunteer Experience

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House - Computer Lab Assistent
Education / Training
ROLE: A computer aid who helped adults learn about computers, document formatting and resumes using computers. Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House as well as the association it belongs to are fundmental resources for the support and empowerment of both social and economic growth which are funded by government here in BC.

India Mahila Association - 1998 - on call
Humanitarian / Civil Rights and Action
My role here has been to be on-call technology and general help volunteer for campaigns and events. The India Mahila Association works in the Civil Rights and Social Action to erradicate violence and injustices against women started decades ago in Vancouver. In 1998, for their 25th anniversary party, I helped with the video editing bit fora video outlininmg their successes over the years. That fall/winter and on a number of I a have been a volunteer and have been ready every since. This association is a group which adovcates to empower South Asian Women by means of educated lectures, speaches, and other resources so that they can be more pro active with constitutional rights and human freedoms here in Canada and the world.

Director, Fundraising - 2013 - On Going
Social Resposibility
The short…
  • We raise funds for social responsibility projects
  • This department of our business believes that this is the best way to maximize the amount of funds we can give
  • We also part take in campaigns which require no funds but rather physical durable's such as clothing, furniture, supplies for work & school
  • Covenant House Vancouver - 2015 Good Samaritan Certificate

  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Lab Assistent
    Public Sector / Scientific Research
    My volunteer role role was to help with cleaning lab instruments, working with nutritional science research teams to feed fish and aiding with any other roles which staff needed.

    Microsoft Developer Network Contributor (MSDN)
    Pro-Bono Troubleshooting / Group Colaboration
    My Microsoft Developer Network Page has my operating name "Clickstream Consulting Inc". I answer questions as some Pro-Bono consulting and contracting to collaborate with other professionals. I bring these skills to client sites as well.