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Randeep Dosanjh - Consultant








In projects over the years, this consulting practice can be seen with strategically collaborating with clients to drive the business where I have been responsible for
assisting managers and teams in defining, positioning, designing and presenting a range of I.T. solutions. I believe in interacting on a regular basis with senior
management and stakeholders through an Agile process, applying exceptional leadership skills in managing expectations, mitigating risk and removal of any
roadblocks. When consulting, I have been asked to develop proposals which define client expectations with product and services requirements necessary to achieve
company/team objectives as well engineering and development with a `hands-on` approach. Furthermore, my consulting can work with the different departments
and teams to manage time and expectations. While working with the Project Management there is a focus to ensure that services are implemented and delivered as
scoped and required. With experience in assessing opportunities and performing necessary due-diligence around technical, operations and financial impacts, I bring a
broad knowledge of I.T .solutions and professional services. There is a focus to develop interpersonal and leadership skills while being highly self-directed where
needed. I am highly adaptable in taking initiative when in need, with an emphasis on effectively liaising with all levels of management while working as a team member.
As a professional member of business & technology communities my entire career, I bring excellent communication skills and required acumen.
With working in so many sectors, dealing with different team dynamics, there is a focus on analytical and decision making skills. With this I bring strong process management
skills (creation and change management as well as engagement) to obtain strategies with emphasis on the execution of goals.



  • Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Inventory, Shipping

  • 2004-2008 – Independent Technology Contractor

  • 2007 – Became an Alumni of Kwantlen Polytechnic University

  • – Established an Incorporated Contractor and Consultancy - Clickstream Consulting IncĀ©

  • 2011-current – Listed in the Microsoft Partner Directory as a Solution Provider

  • 2011-current – Established as a Microsoft Financing and Sales Business Partner

  • 2012-current – Established 8 Enterprise Re-Seller Sales and Solution Channels

  • 2011/2012, 2015/2016 – Licensed a Recruitment and Placement operations in BC

  • 2012-current – MS Cloud Sales Representative

  • 2014-current – Established a published presence as a business & politics writer on LinkedIn, BuzzFeed, ISSUU

  • 2016-current – Listed on Bloomberg.com ... http://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/1369666D:CNclickstream-consulting-inc

To work with current and future clients which require contractor work of management consultancy related to software development and business intelligence. 

In projects over the years, my responsibilities can be seen with strategically collaborating with clients to drive the business where my role has been responsible 
for assisting managers and teams in defining, positioning, designing and presenting a range of solutions in respect to Information Technology and Software Development 
as well as Management Consultancy in respect to Technology within Operations. 

Solution Developer (web, intranet or local applications Data / Business Intelligence
DevOps AND Agile
Project Manager
Team Lead
Profile currently includes:
Incorporated in Canada
Open to Contractor
Open to full time regular
Cleared for Federal Canadian Government Contracts and Work Orders


Solutions Consultant
Clickstream Consulting Inc and Partners
Per Diem work orders as needed
Company Profile: Clickstream Consulting Inc is my consulting practice of which, there are 8 enterprise business partners of which I am a technical solutions builder and sales agent in the business partner respect with 4 distributors in the United States and Canada
Business Case: 
Build Solutions
Sell Solutions
Technical Support Agent  
Clickstream Consulting Inc is registered Business Partner where my role is to be a Solutions Consultant in these areas:
Build solutions with integrated technologies
Support & Technical Consultant after sale
Products, Services and Solution sales
software sales
hardware sales
hosting services sales
cloud services sales
Business Partners:
Hostway Corp
Honeywell - Teklyx
SharePoint Developer Resource
Electronic Arts
Client Profile: Client is a blue-chip firm with global operations and offices
Business Case: This job requires me to be a SharePoint Development Resource to and with it’s teams. 
Wrote a 200+ page technical document after setting up developer server/environment to show the many ways this could be done

Setup, Installed & Worked With: 
3rd Party client outsourced team
SharePoint Admin Permissions
SharePoint Site Features
SharePoint Designer
Visual Studio 2017
Visual Studio 2013
REACT JavaScript 
JavaScript with JQuery
Wrote and Published:
a 230+ page Technical document
used technical writing,document styles and site Analysis of existing infrastructure
Setup Windows Server 2012 R2 for Development
Vba Developer
Federal Government Of Canada (PlanIT Remote)
Client Profile: Client is in the energy sector. This operation is in an office in Eastern Canada

Business Case: This job requires Federal Security Clearance. I was brought in to develop Windows Office forms and MS Excel Modules as well as MS Word

Forms for this clients - end client, which was a Federal Agency.

Windows Office Forms Development
MS Word Macros
Excel Macros
MS Word Forms
Query Developer
Code creation, Implementation and editing
SharePoint Developer & Business Development
Clickstream Consulting Inc 
Company Profile: This is a small consulting business with blue-chip and government clients. Clickstream Consulting Inc. is a Canadian company which is a Microsoft Solution Provider, IBM Business Partner, Oracle Corp Solution Partner, Lenovo Business Partner, Salesforce.com ISV and Sales Partner 
Projects Business Case:I founded Clickstream Consulting Inc in 2010 (started contracting in 2004), in these years developed then, setup and now maintain this company SharePoint pages and Portal, admin and use the MS Dynamics CRM site and as well the full Microsoft Cloud with Email Services & integration with AD Azure
Team:  Microsoft Partner Support, Hostway Corp Server Support. Tech

Cloud based SharePoint Development
MS Cloud .NET Development
Reporting using SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers
SharePoint Designer
Project plan research and documentation
JavaScript, JQuery
MS Dynamics (MS Cloud)
Business Systems Analyst III  
Company Profile: Tech Mahindra is an global outsourcing giant which works with Telus as one of it’s many global clients
Client Profile: Telus is a major telecom firm in Canada. It is a Blue-Chip Fortune500 company which was once BCTel.
Business Case: I was brought in to help with trouble tickets maintenance of business systems within Telus. BMC Remedy tickets and on-going solution building consultation with Telus teams across Canada was a mandate under my set of duties in the short time I was there
Technical Lead 
Techmahndra Ltd
Tech Mahindra assigned me to Telus to help with their Business Systems teams (see above)
Data Analyst, Operations 
Company Profile: Ewos Ltd is a division of Cargill
Client Profile: 
EWOS Ltd is the Canadian aqua division of Cargill  
EWOS Ltd is a R &D, Manufacturing and Distribution of Cargill

EWOS Ltd was a branch of an EU firmed called Cermaq ASA 
Business Case: Consultant to aid in bridging Production Projects with IT objectives for operations projects and reporting.
Measure metrics, manage technical operations and develop reports for Ewos Canada Ltd 
Microsoft Business Solutions and IBM Business Analytics partner relationships allows me to access their tools if need be to help my clients with 
reporting and data metrics for business analysis or preparing anything on my that front, if asked by my client
Reporting & Application Development
Bridging Production Projects with IT objectives for organizational project milestones 
Demonstrating excelling analyzing and problem-solving skills
Reporting Writing Proposals 
Reporting to management with reports to access troubleshooting issues with software, hardware and human workflow
Working with staff to count inventory to see how scanning software (being tested) and manual results match then clearing any issues with hardware, software and its back-end data systems
Gathering requirements of what will be needed in each phase of testing
UI Testing production
Train Users 
Technology Tools:
Report App development
Reporting Writing
MS Excel Macros, MS Word Forms
Visual Basic, VB Scripting, VBA
SQL Server and Cognos ReportNet
Movex M3 
Infor Lawson- Infor M3
Barcode software
Zebra Printers
Datamax Printers 
JavaScript, MS Excel Queries & SQL Queries
Writing Report Developer Scripts
Production Tech / Projects Manager
Managed Projects related to technology (hardware and software) within the production environment 
Managed end users, user testing and the communication workflow between Upper Management, Middle Management and End Users with technology related to Production Workflow 
Risk Management with Change Management for each Report for Proposal I write
Software Hardware Implementation Testing
Writing Testing Procedures when implementing in software or hardware 
Evaluating Testing Plans, Results then Reporting this information to Upper Management 
Monitoring Testing 
Troubleshooting real time testing issues 
streamline test results to narrow testing scope 
working with Management, Users and IT to write testing procedures and result reports 
Monitoring and reporting this Linear, 4 layers, n-tier Production Workflow and the results there of a IBM based scanning 
Full Lifecyle project work-flow and peoplemanagement
Workflow Management
measuring risk 
writing reports for business solutions 
using analysis of testing metrics for designing visuals i.e. charting and graphing results 
analyzing metrics and working with production management and IT to discuss the success of such projects 
writing reports to measure Usage vs Consumption then measuring and recording metrics to write reports for upper management
SharePoint Developer (Microsoft Specialist) 
IBM Global Services
Company Profile: Placed by 3rd Party Vendor
End Client: Provincial Government,  BC Ministry of Technology
Tech Skills:  
SharePoint Development 
Documentation Technical writing (60+ page document on 'procedure')
.NET Development
SQL Server (SSRS)
SQL Queries 
Stored Procedures using Triggers
SharePoint Designer
Project plan research and documentation
ASP.NET  SharePoint Developer/Consultant Gulf & Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union Burnaby, British Columbia Canada Jun 2009 - Oct 2010 1 year 4 months PROGRAMMING SERVICES, UNIX SCRIPTING Central1 Credit Union Vancouver, British Columbia Canada Oct 2008 - Apr 2009 6 months 
JavaScript, jQuery, 
SharePoint Developer/Consultant 
Gulf & Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union
Business Case: I was brought in to develop a SharePoint Site to Portal the Sales, Marketing and Relationship Tracking to increase service time and increase availability of client information in real time to maximize the value of relationships. This is a Company-wide project. 
Team:  IT Department, All Levels of Management, Real Time Users, Trainings users on SharePoint, Meeting with end users to discuss SharePoint Development for their sites
Full Stack SharePoint Development & .NET Development

MS InfoPath, XML, 
SharePoint Services, SharePoint Designer, 
ASP.Net/C#.Net (to develop Intranet sites for different departments),
JavaScript, JQuery
SQL Server, 
Some UML using Enterprise Architecture, Agile Development & SDLC,
Presentations of how to use SharePoint, 
SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, 
Excel Macros, VBA,  
Programming Services, UNIX
Central1 Credit Union
Business Case:  I was brought in to consult on the redo an FTP Server side script to work with an updated server technology and software to run more efficiently with the direction in which the client could see itself moving forward.
Team:  IT Department, All Levels of Management, Real Time Users, Meeting with to discuss project scope/planning, team Agile Development methodology
Tech Skills:  Putty (UNIX), Shell Scripting, Visio-UML, Documentation writing
Korn Shell with Cobol
UNIX Putty 
FTP for verision control 
MS Visio
MS Sharepoint Developer Westport Innovations Inc Vancouver, British Columbia Canada Mar 2008 - Aug 2008 5 months Technical Support (Desktop) Metafore It Solutions Richmond, British Columbia Canada Dec 2007 - Jan 2008 1 month Systems Support Administrator BC Hydro Aug 2007 - Nov 2007 3 months Project
UML and Modeling of Data & other workflows
Project Planning
Project Team Presentations
SharePoint Developer 
Westport Innovations Inc
Business Case:  I was brought in to consult on the tangibility of custom .NET and SharePoint Technology to streamline the time and overhead from current to the design and development of several projects using SharePoint 2007 with SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, ASP.NET using C#.Net as well InfoPath Forms. Projects with Details above under Projects.
Tech Skills:  
SharePoint Development, .NET Development, 
Some UML using Enterprise Architecture,
Agile Development using the 7 stage Systems Development Life-Cycle, 
Presentations of how to use SharePoint best practices,
SQL Server/Oracle  
LINQ, ADO, Queries, Stored Procedures with Triggers, 
Excel Macros, VBA, Stored Macros with Triggers, 
JavaScript, jQuery
Technical Support (Desktop) 
Metafore IT Solutions
Company profile: MetaFore IT Solutions is a Fortune 500 Information Technology and Systems outsourcing firm. Most of their operations are in Ontario and Quebec but the small division I worked with was in Richmond
Contracting Purpose: 
I was brought in to install computer hardware at Metafore Client Sites. As a Tech Support Agent, I performed rollouts and IT/IS upgrades. 
Clients were Fortune 500 and Government firms. 
Most Projects were a week or 2 at the most with each client
Systems Support Administrator 
BC Hydro
Company profile: The BCTC is the Transmission leg of BC Hydro’s hydro energy practice. This firm is a Crown Corporation 
Contracting Purpose: 
As a Systems Support Administrator, my role was Data Entry and run Queries on a MS Access 2003 Forms Application
I was hired to upgrade this existing project but was later told that this kind of work was outsourced to Accenture
IT Aid & Software Developer 
Company Profile: Ewos Ltd is a division of Cargill
Client Profile: 
EWOS Ltd is the Canadian aqua division of Cargill  
EWOS Ltd is a R &D, Manufacturing and Distribution of Cargill
EWOS Ltd was a branch of an EU firmed called Cermaq ASA 
Business Case:
I was brought into cut the cost of manufacturing overhead by adhering within and proposing new technology concepts and projects which fit into the management scope of how to move the future of production activities in such a way that through effective and efficient modules of ad-hoc software development projects. 
My role was to provide Ewos Canada Ltd progressive cost-cutting measures which would lead to greater productivity versus cost. While in this role, I successfully added to a number of IT Aid and Desktop/Laptop Support roles with Server Maintenance.
Several Projects with Details above under Projects.
Software Development at Ewos Listed under projects with details below:
Infor-M3, Lawson with Movex M3
IBM Cognos ReportNet
IBM Infor-M3 (Lawson) Scanner software on a Windows Mobile 6 OS
.NET Development
Some UML using Enterprise Architecture
Agile Development using the 7 stage Systems Development Life-Cycle
Presentations of how to use SharePoint
MS SQL Queries, Excel Macros, VBA, Stored Procedures with Triggers
JavaScript, jQuery
Additional Duties
Perform as a Desktop Support agent
Help with installation and maintenance of Desktop and Server software including helping with the physical installation and Maintenance of Desktop, Laptop and Server hardware and as well as their software
Troubleshooting: Software and hardware support for laptop and desktop workstations
Installed/repaired Desktop and Server hardware & Software to maintain working order of all laptops and desktops
Working with and deploying Norton Ghost images on workstations & Rebuilding Servers
Technical Support Specialist 
Club Intrawest
Company Profile: Club Intrawest is the member services for Intrawest Corporation which is a leading Time Share Fortune500 firm. 
Intern Objectives: 
Support Agent for Servers, Desktops, Laptops
Hardware & Software Support agent 
Implementation Aid 
Installing and Setting Up: 
Windows OS  
Windows Server OS
MS Office 
Symantec Ghost
Norton Anti-Virus 
Wide (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) specifications for computers and servers
Support Duties Include:
Implementing and testing all systems worked 
Citrix Neighborhood Client setup and installation
VPN software install and specified settings
Applied Group Policy on computers and servers
Setup & Deployed: Symantec Ghost images for Citrix
Setup & Deployed:  Server, Laptop and Desktop workstations images 
Scheduled server tapes changes 
Provided Desktop support one-to-one  
Provided remote desktop connections
Customer Feedback Analyst 
Business Objects
Company Profile: Business Objects is today’s SAP. SAP is an information systems software developer 
Intern Mastering Media Tech Electronic Arts Burnaby, British Columbia Canada Jul 2005 - Aug 2005 1 month Sales And Marketing Representative CROSSMARK CANADA North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada Dec 2004 - Jan 2005 1 month Objectives: As a Student Intern, acted as Information Specialist doing data analytics on Customer Feedback using MS Excel then Crystal Reports
Mastering Media Tech 
Electrnic Arts
Company Profile: Electronic Arts is a leading Video Game developer which is commonly known best for their big-league sports games. 
Contracting Purpose: I was brought in to Master Media (Burn CDs, DVDs and Cartridges). As a Master Technician, there was the use of Automator’s to burning software: Mastering media for departments on CDs, DVDs and Cartridges.
Sales And Marketing Representative 
Company Profile: Crossmark is a Fortune 500 Marketing Strategy firm
Contracting Purpose: I was brought in to work for Crossmark with Bell Canada Ltd providing training to market their product line. My role was to represent and add to sales in a Future Shop where these products were being sold over the Christmas Holiday shopping season.