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In projects over the years, this consulting practice can be seen with strategically collaborating with clients to drive the business where I have been responsible for assisting managers and teams in defining, positioning, designing and presenting a range of I.T. solutions. I believe in interacting on a regular basis with senior management and stakeholders through an Agile process, applying exceptional leadership skills in managing expectations, mitigating risk and removal of any roadblocks. When consulting, I have been asked to develop proposals which define client expectations with product and services requirements necessary to achieve company/team objectives as well engineering and development with a `hands-on` approach. Furthermore, my consulting can work with the different departments and teams to manage time and expectations. While working with the Project Management there is a focus to ensure that services are implemented and delivered as scoped and required. With experience in assessing opportunities and performing necessary due-diligence around technical, operations and financial impacts, I bring a broad knowledge of I.T .solutions and professional services. There is a focus to develop interpersonal and leadership skills while being highly self-directed where needed. I am highly adaptable in taking initiative when in need, with an emphasis on effectively liaising with all levels of management while working as a team member. As a professional member of business & technology communities my entire career, I bring excellent communication skills and required acumen. With working in so many sectors, dealing with different team dynamics, there is a focus on analytical and decision making skills. With this I bring strong process management skills (creation and change management as well as engagement) to obtain strategies with emphasis on the execution of goals

Full Stack Developer Projects:

Project 1: Ewos_Cargill

Technology: MS Excel using VBA, SQL and C#.Net with SQL SERVER 2000

Designed an EXCEL, VBA code with a C#.Net Forms project. This information system for keeping track of Statistics based on Complaints from outside sources about company Operations. Also updated SQL Server from MS Excel.

Business Case: This project kept statistics on issues relating to plant operations and is checked by city officials regularly.

Project 2: Ewos_Cargill2

Technology: ASP.Net using C#.Net and SQL SERVER 2005

Designed a windows application which maintains information which integrates MS Access, SQL Server 2005 (back end) with ASP.Net and VB.Net (front-end) and a application in C#.Net (2nd part of the front end). This ASP.Net front end had a MS SQL and MS Access backend. It was done through Top-Down engineering.

Business Case: This project kept track of ongoing production plant activities with running totals, averages, minimum and maximum totals and many other features

Project 3: Ewos_Cargill3

Technology: MS InfoPath (XML), ASP.Net using C#.Net and SQL SERVER 2005 all on VMWARE Server.

Description :
A MS SQL Server 2005, and MS InfoPath (XML) project with a MS SharePoint Server/Designer (Portal). Worked on designing an Intranet with this project using VMWare virtual servers (Windows server 2003 and Windows XP). This project is being designed through Reverse Engineering.

Business Case: This project lets managers control employee information and be aware of company changes to employee information via an Intranet I design.

Project 4: Ewos_Cargill4

Technology: LabelView5 using DB4, network label printers, factory computer work stations, SQL Server

Worked on a Team of 5 where my responsibilty for Information Systems Analysis and Design and Database Analysis using MS Excel, some MS SQL scripting(not for implementation) and a label making software package called LabelView Gold(uses DB4). I am also responsible for understanding and drawing diagrams using the Unified Model Language (Workflow, E-R, Use Case etc) to go with my SQL engineering if needed in all my projects

Business Case: This project is used to print labels using a software package which communicates with a printing machine. All labels are regulated to government standards for industrial packages sent overseas and within Canada.

Project 5: WestPort

Technology: ASP.Net with C#.Net, Sharepoint, SQL Server

Designed and developed an ASP.Net front end to link with a previous SQL Server 2000 database using C#.Net to report work details (hours, manager, department, etc)..Used stored procedures in SQL Server, then wrote C# code with embedded SQL strings to call different tables to draw information on to an ASP.Net page.

Business Case: To report work details such as hours, manager, department and so forth for each employee so managers would have access to that information.

Project 6 part 1: WestPort

Technology: ASP.Net with C#.Net with a Calendar which was read data from SQL Server which was stored there from, Sharepoint sites which I worked on. GroupPolicy was used taking the users Network Logon as their ID for this ASP.Net page.

Designed and developed the Business Management System website for the Quality department. The site layout was designed by a team member where I made it dynamic but putting in a calendar and customizing their 12 or so SharePoint sites using SharePoint Designer 2007 and the SharePoint Administration portal.

The Calendar had the details of where work details were posted.

Business Case: Designed and developed the Business Management System website for the Quality department.

Project 6 part 2: WestPort

Technology: ASP.Net with C#.Net with a Calendar which was read data from SQL Server which was stored there from, Sharepoint sites which I worked on. GroupPolicy was used taking the users Network Logon as their ID for this ASP.Net page.

The calendar was in MS Excel but I used a web browser window on a C#.Net windows forms application for to Naviagate to the MS Excel spreadsheet. This windows forms application which I created from scratch, there was an Update button which updated SQL Server tables.At the same time, a report was generated where it could be exported to MS Excel or Adobe (PDF).

Business Case: So that employees can update information to MS Excel which they were already using and to make use ot publishing data onto Adobe files

Project 7: GFFG

Technology: ASP.Net with C#.Net where data from SQL Server stored in Sharepoint sites connected to SQL Server. GroupPolicy was used taking the users Network Logon as their ID for this ASP.Net page. VS.Net and VS.Net Reports which were published into PDF's.

Designed and developed a website for new hires. All departments would log on with their regular network/windows logons and this application would use windows authentication to give them access to their “new employee” forms. There were 6 departments, and many users. The departments where windows user groups and the user were from each group – this was in my ASP.net/C#.Net code – to look for the user to valid which forms they had rights to use. Each form was linked to SQL Server 2005 – the entered data was written to the appropriate tables in this SQL Server Database. The a report was generated – this report was able to be exported to MS Excel and Adobe (PDF).

Business Case: To let hiring and current staff information readily available.

Project 8: Central1

Technology: Linux Korn Shell, UML Documentation, Agile development, FTP, COBOL

Designed and developed 3 Korn Shell Scripts. Korn Shell scripts read from Top to Bottom and this was a problem because there were several functions which needed to be called in a loop where transactions could could place. At that point I broke this script (which was orginally a windows batch script) and broke it down into several small mini scripts. These mini scripts called Cobol Programs and had return codes. Based on return code, I made the scripts find files which needed to be processed, then based on return code, it went to a different script. This loop continued until there were no more files to found which could be processed.

Business Case: Processing files using Linux/Putty scripting to make transactions fast

Project 9: Ewos_Cargill

Technology: Visual Basic, VB Scripting, VBA, SQL Server, Cognos, Movex, Infor Lawson M3, Zebra Printers, Datamax Printers, LabelView8, MS Excel Programming, Report Writing

Data Analysis using data from this global blue-chip enterprise Manufacturing operation. Created a Reporting application which took was used for predictive analysis using real tiem manufacturing data which took the amount of consumption of resources to make. This is the first time this reporting style was ever used to measure, mediated and preform predictive operations.

Business Case: Ewos Canada Ltd is a Cargill owned operation under thier aqua branch. my role while there was to be a middle tier between IT and Production. Also to train and manage user issues with Hand-Helds. Build reports from manufacturing Data to forecast and align production projects.


SharePoint Projects

Hardware Projects and Assignment Details: :

    Ewos_Cargill3 WestPort GFFG IBM IBM ms-partner

  • SharePoint – Document Management and SharePoint Developer Summary
  • • Installed & Implemented SharePoint
  • • Customized SharePoint sites using SharePoint Designer 2007, 2010 (now in Microsoft Training for SharePoint 2013) and C# (Working with CSS to make the page look like it it could be any website – did not look like a SharePoint Sandbox site).
  • • Inserted hyperlinks, buttons, Images and other toolbox items in SharePoint Designer 2007 to customize the page for custom navigation
  • • Setup SharePoint Sandbox Pages and sites by downloading, installing, setting up then adding custom content, users and permissions.
  • • Setup and customized Team Sites, Wiki sites, and EnterPrise Portals in SharePoint and did the same for sandbox solutions online where I downloaded SharePoint Templates then further customized where needed
  • • Installed SharePoint templates from the Microsoft site
  • • Troubleshot SharePoint sites using SharePoint Designer 2007, SharePoint Administration, and the Site Actions button to create web applications
  • • Used web parts which were later customized to bring content to the forms
  • • Used web parts to customize Lists and used the tree view
  • • Added and customized users, groups and set up advanced permissions
  • • Troubleshot InfoPath and SharePoint issues
  • • Linked InfoPath to SharePoint
  • • Created, designed and edited master pages, site content types and columns
  • • Created Templates
  • • SharePoint support (taking trouble tickets – on site and remote clients)
  • • As a SharePoint Contractor, designed and updated SharePoint sites using SharePoint Designer
  • • Designed ASP.NET/C#.NET web pages/portals which link out to SharePoint Pages
  • • Troubleshoot SharePoint issues
  • • Work with SQL Server 2005 as a backend
  • • Projects with SharePoint Sites
  • • Develop Intranet Pages
  • • Writing documentation (UML, user handouts, and procedures)
  • • Team Foundation Server, GITT
  • • PowerShell(s) scripting
  • • SharePoint Standard (includes all my SharePoint experience as well as my own company SharePoint farm)
  • • SharePoint Foundation (mostly worked with Foundation in a VM Environment then migrated to full SharePoint Standard Server in a real time non-VM environment)
  • • Building roadmaps and strategy(this includes all of my projects more so in the last 5 years)
  • • Developing SDLC (this includes all of my software development projects)
  • • SharePoint BA experience (this includes all of my software development projects from R&D, Requirements to strategic business rules and alignment as well as measuring metrics for reports)
Hardware Projects: Ewos_Cargill ClubIntrawest MetaFore_IT EA

Hardware Projects and Assignment Details: :

Mastering Media for different departments, restail,, builds for rebuilds and upgrades

-Rollout of 60+  Computers with monitors, keyboards, mice and restored needed applications and drivers

-Disk wipes computers which were to be taking to be out of use


-Installed hardware, software, drivers and updates on new computers

-66 Monitor rollout/refresh

-Setting Blackberries to work with MS Outlook

Other Projects and Work:
- IT Support
– trouble tickets at the Desktop Support Level
- Installed/repaired/maintained printers, laptops and desktops
- Working with VMWare
- Working with and deploying Norton Ghost images on workstations
- Rebuilding Servers
- Installed MS Office, Symantec Ghost, Norton Anti-Virus and Altaris on desktop and laptop computers to be used for Wide and Local Area Network. Then implemented and tested all systems worked on.
- Installed Citrix Neighborhood Client, and VPN software
Used Group Policy to restrict and allow users to specialize systems. Then made and deployed Symantec Ghost images for Citrix, Laptop and Desktop workstations
- Installed hardware as well as maintain working order of all computer systems including repairs.
- Troubleshoot systems would be all software, hardware and networking repairs.
- Introduced to Netbackup software for changing tapes in a server room
- Used DameWare to remotely check on workstations on a network
-Set up Servers and made hardware network ready (ie. Servers, Printers and all workstations)
- Wrote a small script on how to do each setup with group policy.